Sunday, May 28, 2017

Get Dollar By Share Link in Rotate4all

This time I will share about how to get dollar by share your PTP link in rotate4all. It's too easy way join in rotate4all. Only klik official website http://www.rotate4all.com and follow the site's instruction. Payment system is paypal or payza....

Monday, April 10, 2017


This time I will share how to get money with the new system.

  1. Dubai Lifestyle App just launched Internationally and looking for 100 beta tester to make profit of   over $7000 a day. So many peoples who made dollars with this application. For more more information you can official site at dubailifestyleapp.com.
  2. Guaranteed Money System will teach you how is get money in 30 days, GUARANTEED. For more information you can visit official site at http://www.guaranteedmoneysystem.com.
  3. Lucrosa is automated tracking system GRANTEES DAILY PROFIT. Lucrosa uses cutting-edge technology to identify winning trades with remarable acuracy. For more information you can official site at lucrosa.pro.
  4. Hydraapp offers you anti-fail mechanism protects from any potencial loss. Hydra system analyzes of data pieces per second in real time. For More information you can visit official site at www.hydraapp.biz.
  5. Option Robot is offer you easiest way to get daily profit in binary trades. Option Robot is famous broker in binary. For more information how to make it daily profit you can visit official site at www.optionrobot.com.

That is ways to get money with daily profit application.
Thank you...

Sunday, February 26, 2017


Cloud mining is an automated service provider bitcoin mining. Bitcoin mining can be done by hiring a tool provided by bitcoin mining tool provider in a given period of time in the form of a contract. In this time I will share about how to mining in METIZER.

This is steps by step to mining GH/S in METIZER.
1. Register here or visit official site www.metizer.com.
    Fill the blank coloumn with your data.

2. After registration you can LOGIN.
    Fill the blank coloumn with your registration data. 

3. Click "MINING" botton.


5. You can buy GH/S with one of your amount cryptocurrencies          mined. Click "BUY GH/S" botton.

That was how to mine cryptocurrencie inwww.metizer.com.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Bitcoin is virtual currency ( electronic money ) that was developed in 2009 by someone under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. This currency as well as Rupiah or Dollar, but only available in the digital world. The concept may sound like e-gold, although in fact much different.

As new user you can immediately start get Bitcoin without understand the technical details. The first step before getting bitcoin is making bitcoin wallet. There are many bitcoin wallets but I give an example to make bitcoin wallet in :
How to make bitcoin wallets above is very easy as create another accounts.

Further, I will share some of the sites where getting bitcoin as free.
The bitcoin situs are :
1. http://freebitco.in ( one hour period / resolve capthca )
2. http://freedoge.co.in ( one hour period / resolve capthca)
3. http://www.bitptc.com ( surf ads get bitcoin )
4. https://www.bitsforclicks.com ( surf ads get bitcoin )
5. http://www.goldsday.com ( 20 minutes periode payout dirrect           http://www.epay.info )
6. http://www.btcclicks.com ( surf ads )
7. http://www.worldofbitco.in ( every 5 minutes )
8. http://www.getyourbitco.in ( every 5 minutes )
9. http://www.timeforbitco.in ( every 5 minutes )

I think it's enough that I had to share this time. Another time I devide the sites other bitcoin. Thank you. HAPPY MINING !!!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Easy Way To Get Dollar In Mypayingads

Mypayingads is not investment / HYIP / Get-Rich Quick Program / MLM / Matrix / Cycler / Currency Exchange / Security site. Mypayingads is an online advertising program, sell advertising services including Banner ads, Text ads, Login ads, Traffic Exchange ads, Paid-To-Click ads etc. Mypayingads is cruising smoothly since March 2015. And I think Mypayingads unquistionable.

There have been many articles about Mypayingads. This time I will share how to get dollar by "Paid-To-Click" in Mypayingads.
Steps to get dollar in Mypayingads are :
1. Register here or visit official site https://www.mypayingads.com .
    Fill in all fields with your personal data including your current email.

2. Check your email to verify registration.
3. Step to get dollar in Mypaying ads :



You can click a lot of ads as you want

Every 10 ads will be verified " you are not a robot "

Click pictures as requested

Click Submit


Aside from getting a dollar you also get credit from the ads you've seen. This credit can be used for the installation of your website in mypayingads.
That was the steps to get in Mypayingads. GOOD LUCK!!!